December 27, 2008

Optional Accessories for Canon Powershot A590IS

Canon prescribes the following Optional Accessories for Canon Powershot A590IS:

  1. Tele-converter Lens TC-DC52A
  2. Wide converter WC-DC52
  3. Close-Up Lens 250D (52mm)
  4. High Power Flash HF-DC1
With the postscript “Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC52G required”
Can anyone tell me where I can buy those in India and how much money I will have to release for those?

December 24, 2008

The Disguise of a Dragonfly

Here is the picture of a dragonfly in disguising itself on the old walls. I could notice it because I went too close to it and it flew up and then again came to its own place.

December 20, 2008

Red Ixora

In Bengali this flower is called 'Rangan' which means painting; but the etymology may refer to the root 'rang' which means colour. Anyway this is macro shot of a red Ixora. So you may find greater details of the flowers.