October 25, 2008

A Visit to Debanandapur: the Birth Place of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

The day was cloudy, the sky overcast. But I understood it would not rain and it would be a perfect day for photography in low contrast and brightness. So I decided to visit Debanandapur, Hooghly in the afternoon. The place is famous as the birthplace of the great Bengali novelist, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and as a picnic spot. In winter people flock to this place mainly for picnic.
From Bandel station I thought it would be a troublesome journey. But fortunately I found a newly laid narrow road that led straight to Debanandapur. Along the road, however, you see newly built houses all in accordance with modern tastes and facilities. So I was afraid that Debanandapur may be not recognizable in its original context. But I saw it has found a very good balance of urban and sylvan.
Signboards guided us to Sarat Smriti Mondir, which showcases various stages of the novelist's life. Photography is, however, prohibited inside the building--though I do not know why. There is also a library attached to it.
The building is constructed on the bank of a very old pond, Sanpukur.
On the other side of the pond I saw Saratchandra's Baithokkhana House, which is well-maintained.The house is empty, but the place is very tranquil and soothing for a worn-out visitor.
I walked over to see the Saraswati river, which was once a big river and an important route for trade and commerce. Descriptions of this river can be found in the writings of many foreign writers. First I came across a watch-post, medieval in design, but could not figure out its age. Once it was well-decorated with traditional Bengali patterns of Alpona-like etchings and those fine touches are still visible.
From here I could see that the bank of the river was broader and the river is now shrunk to a narrow stagnant canal.
Thanks to the efforts of the local people and other authorities, the beauty of the riverside is still there though in somewhat diminished form. But nobody can expect a place remaining the same forever. There is a small bridge on the river. From there the landscape looks peculiarly beautiful.
But above all, I was fascinated to the view of a huge tree there. I walked down the road and took a few snaps. Its beauty is self-evident.
[Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay (15 September, 1876-16 January 1938) , one of the greatest novelists in Bengali literature, was born in this place.]


Rati said...

thanks for such a nice informations and pictures

sanjoy paul, sarat park. said...

More care aspects from goverments in soon.

Rajatsubhra said...

very innovative, informative,important works for the West Bengal Tourism development, that now very specially our the Chief Minister is wanting.

Anonymous said...

Is there any specific timing to visit Saratchandra's house at Debanandapur?

Moumita (MB) said...

wonderful description .This winter I will surely visit this magnificent place

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Unknown said...

I wish to visit the birth place of Sarat Chattopadhya this winter. Is it open for every day and what is the visiting hours?