February 27, 2009

Gopgarh, Paschim Medinipur, Tourist Information

Gopgarh is a park on the high mounds created for eco-tourism just on the fringe of Midnapore town. The place owes its name from old fort of the Gop kings. They created this ‘garh’ or fort on high ground, made of stones, on the bank of the river Kansai strategically to defend their kingdom. The ruins are still there and are in a precarious condition.

People who want to spend a weekend with or without family in a remote jungle can look on it as an ideal place. There are two cottages to stay in and one cottage (of course, with all modern amenities) costs Rs. 500 per day.

The park is huge enough to make you tired if you want to cover it in one walk. First of all, there is a pond, where you indulge in boating.The jungle, recreated by the Forest Department, is big enough for picnic.

The huge lawn with small gardens, including a rose garden, and basic recreational instalments for children can satisfy everybody.

But on top of all these, there is a watch-tower from where you can view the sunrise or sunset or the natural beauty of the vegetation along the bank of Kansai.

There are few stalls for refreshment and a restaurant for the visitors.

Numerous birds flock to the trees and you can enjoy the silence save the chirpings of the bird undisturbed. People become very calm and cool at the place.

So plan a trip, contact the Forest Department of Midnapore and go for night stay.

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