March 19, 2009

Pictures of Dakshineswar Temple

Photography is prohibited in the main area of Dakshineswar temple. So I had to take the picture from outside the area.

This is the banyan tree, under the shade of which Sri Ramkrishna is said to have passed much of his time reflecting upon the hard human fate. The main tree died, but remnant branches have now become full grown tree. The cottage, recently built, is made of concrete.

This place, known as Panchomundasan’ (seat of five skulls), is famous for being Sri Ramkrishna’s seat of ‘sadhona’ (meditation and performance of rituals). Here he is said to have attained ‘siddhi’ or the supreme knowledge here.

This is the place where Sri Ramkrishna is said to have embraced Islam as an experiment for some time.

This photo is taken from under the shade of the banyan tree near Panchomundasan. The top of the temple is visible against the sky.

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