March 23, 2009

Pictures of Hooghly Imambarah and the Tomb of Haji Muhammud Mohsin

A front view of Hooghly Imambarah. Sadly enough the place is in very bad condition. No proper maintenance is done.

Inside the Imambarah or Imambara. The picture is taken from the stairs of the Prayer Hall.

This is the view of the Prayer Hall, taken with difficulty through the narrow net and in low light. The actual view is awesome and will take you to another world of aristocracy of which we are quite unaware. once you are there an automatic feeling of peace and harmony and vastness of the universe and smallness of human life passes the heart. If you want to experience what peace is, go there and you will understand.

A rear view. The photo is taken from the side of the Hooghly river. Once there was a Hammam or bathing room equipped with advanced technology.

A view from the right tower, which houses large clock. The large tank is full of fishes.

The Imambara was deliberately built on the place where the river takes a sharp turn.

The sun-dial in the bakyard.

A view of the river. From this place you can take a boat and go to Bandel Church for only 10 rupees each person.

Stairs o the Gharighar or Tower of Clock

The setting sun seen from the tower.

The tomb of Haji Muhammaud Mohsin. The tomb and the surround areas are in extremely poor condition. I heard there is an appointer Mali or gardener. But God knows what the ell he does. The place has become an open latrine and anti-social activities taint the sanctity of the place. Voluntary organistions and the governments should immediately come forward and save the place from being obliterated into oblivion. It is a strange country with strange concepts of honour and respect.


Sanjib Karmakar said...

It’s a good initiative taken by u, filling nostalgic about my home town. I wish govt. and the Imambarah authority will take necessary stapes to save this beautiful monument.

Somenath Roy said...

Tarun Tapas,the pictures are awesome.You've intricately woven scenic beauty with history.No one can resist the torture of time but in India, specially in Bengal we could've resist it for a long time with only a little of compassion, doing professional jobs in right earnest & respecting the past artisans wholeheartedly. Let us try to work in unison to increase the awareness of people of Bengal & India.

Nil said...

I had been to Hooghly Imamabara recently. I loved the place. Also snapped few pix and shared on Facebook with my friends. Anyways, you have done a nice work mate. Keep it up.